Low cost
green energy
year round

Low cost green energy year round


AS Renewables have been installing heat pumps for many years now. The technology has developed and proven to be a cost effective option when selecting an energy saving heating and hot water solution for your home with the potential to further enhance your running efficiencies by considering the addition of solar thermal and/or solar PV.

Air source heat pumps (ASHP) transfer heat from the outside air to inside a building under the principles of vapour compression refrigeration, where a refrigerant system involving a compressor and a condenser absorbs heat at one place and releases it at another. Using the same principles, an air source heat pump can also be used for cooling.

Latent heat in the air is collected by the use of a fan directing the flow across a copper coil containing a refrigerant. This heat boils the refrigerant which turns into a vapour. The cycle continues and the vapour is compressed producing a rise in temperature. This heat is finally passed through a heat exchanger which heats up the water used to heat radiators, under-floor heating systems, warm air convectors and to produce your heating and hot water systems.

We at AS Renewables have fully trained refrigerant engineers employed to carry out the installation of all types of air source heat pumps ranging from the flexible air to water split system where the indoor and outdoor units can be sited up to 30m apart, air to water monobloc units where the single external unit houses all components and the air to air heat pumps which transfer the heat energy to warm air units located strategically within the property.

Please visit our showroom here at Sisna Park where these products can be seen and explored.